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The Duo

Trippy Tribbitt

Brande Pa'trice

Tripp and B, Trippy Tribbitt and Brandē Pa’trice, are thee dynamic duo of Hip-Hop and Dance. Together the two have formed the entertainment company, Toxic Soul Music Group which falls under BrandeWine Entertainment. 


The two became a duo in May 2023, with the purpose of pushing Trippy Tribbitt’s album, “Unscripted Feelings” with live drama and music. After recognizing the great chemistry and creativity, they merged the world of Hip-Hop, Dance and Film, and formed the duo. Trippy's song "No Munch (Jump)" became the focus point, and launched the two into orbit. 


Tripp and B's work ethic is strong and unwavering. There is nothing they cannot do. The consistency of being creative and innovative is the driving force of Tripp and B. Tribbitt and Pa'trice have advertised, danced, and pushed a record consistently now for 7 months non-stop across the country. They recently had the opportunity to perform at the Houston Rockets vs LA Lakers halftime show, where they performed “Jump and Slide” in front of 20,000 people. From the hard-work and marketing for "Jump and Slide", the two hit the iTunes Charts at #79 on February 1, 2024. The Duo was recently awarded at, "Memphis Hip-Hop Awards 2024", by Rico Owens and Cherry Tru, the Male Performer of the Year and Female Internet Grinder of the Year awards.

The two have worked hard as a duo and individually to make their dream come true. “This is something that I’ve always wanted”, Brandē says. Through many trials, we have remained faithful and ready for all challenges. “No one will work harder than us nor out perform us”, says Trippy. 


A great combination of talent lies within Tripp and B. Due to a strong individual work ethic, they are considered unstoppable and on their way up. 


Past Performances


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